Reply All    
Reply All is a boon and most of times a bane for email users, especially when there are group IDs that sends mails to everyone in the organization. Reply All is the single-most feature that generate spam in copious amounts.

A generic scenario where someone sends an 'FYI' (for your information) mail to everyone in the organization. Someone hits Reply All and thanks the sender, and enquires about the sender. The sender once again clicks Reply All and answers the query. Now, this has become a private conversation between two people and definitely a nuisance to involuntarily hear in on someone's private conversation like this! Especially when you are in a hurry to meet your deadline but stopped to check your mail.

Just because everyone was copied doesn’t mean that everyone should receive everyone's reply. Hitting Reply All indiscriminately would definitely flood everyone's inbox in no time! And waste productive time!

No Wonder, Reply All is one of those provocative features in today's corporate world. For some users, automatically clicking, ‘Reply All’ is a habit. An Alert feature in tZirr® will make you stop and think whether you really want to Reply All.