Pen Thoughts    
While checking mails, when a thought strikes you, instantly tag your thought for the mail with pen thoughts feature, like sticky note. Thoughts tagged to mail is personal (for your eyes only) and will never be sent along with the mail.

With ‘Explore Thoughts’ feature, you can get to any thought quickly which was tagged earlier. One can also Group/Sort by clicking the column header.

Easily perform actions around thoughts as below:
  • List thought for mails
  • Find thoughts based on keyword, sender
  • Access mail for a thought
  • Export mail thoughts
Some scenarios where one can use this feature:
  • Collate & Organize Thoughts to compose before sending a response.
  • You feel the need to put in a little note saying who has given you the data and who is yet to do so.
  • Use soft tagging of emails like ‘Payment to be made’ and when you explore the thoughts, Group/Sort these tags by clicking the column header in the Explore Thoughts window.